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Save AUD$25,000

Australia is a great place to study and receiving a Letter of Offer to an Australian University just became easier! Didasko Worldwide has agreements with leading Australian Universities to allow you to complete your first year online at home. Because our Diploma courses are completed online at home, you can pathway into the second year of your 3-year Degree and save over AUD$25,000 in Australian living expenses and first year fees.

Upon completion of your online Diploma, you are guaranteed entry to the second year of a Business or IT degree at an Australian University.* If you have any questions about your first step to studying in Australia, contact us and we will be happy to explain the details to you.

*Subject to meeting all other university entry requirements.


Being such a large country, there is something for everyone. Deserts, rainforests and temperate areas. You can ski in the mountains or surf in the oceans – the choice is all yours.


Australia is a sporting nation with many opportunities to both watch and participate in all sports at every level. But let's not forget the arts with a lively music and theatre scene enhanced by a constant flow of international acts to add extra colour to the sparkling local offerings.


Think of a meal, and there is a very good chance you will find it in Australia. Known world-wide as an award-winning culinary centre, Australia draws from its rich multicultural diversity to create wonderful, traditional foods as well as being inspired to mix and blend new and exciting flavours.

World renowned wines, beers and other beverages are found all over the country for you to enjoy.

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Survey by The Economist - 2015

Map of the world
Rank and city
  • Pin 1st - Melbourne
  • Pin 5th - Adelaide
  • Pin 7th - Sydney
  • Pin 8th - Perth

Source: The Economist liveability chart 2015

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