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Diploma of Software Development

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Course description

This qualification is suited for individuals who want to be competent in programming and software development. Learn how to create new software products to meet an initial project brief or customise existing software products to meet customer needs.

Course duration

You can complete your Diploma in 16 months with the flexibility online learning gives you. Studying 25 hours per week on average (100 hours per month) should see you successfully complete your qualification within this timeframe. All assessments must be completed within the 24-month time limit.

Study in your country

Complete this qualification online in your own country, then pathway to the second year of an Australian Degree in IT.*

Pathway to an Australian Degree

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Course name

Diploma of Software Development

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e-Campus (online)


All courses are undertaken in English

Career options

Team Leader
Team Leader
IT Support
IT Support

Earn AUD$70,000 - $90,000* as a Developer with a Diploma of Software Development! And that can double as Desk Manager. That amount grows to well over AUD$150,000 - $200,000* as you get to Team Leader! Start on AUD$50,000 - $60,000* as IT Support to get you on the road to bigger money and long-term success!

*Hudson's 2016 Salary Guide

What you will learn

Course structure

To receive this qualification you must complete all units listed.

Certification included with this qualification

We recommend you complete this industry-recognised Vendor Certification whilst studying the Diploma of Software Development. It will greatly contribute to a university application as well as your long-term business success.

Job outcomes

Australian University pathway

ICT50715 Diploma of Software Development

Join 2nd year of a Bachelor Degree at an Australian University

Entry requirements

No entry requirements are specified in the training package, however to gain entry into this qualification the candidates must:

Course requirements

Computer Power recommend the following technical specifications as minimum requirements for students to access the online content/learning resources:

Support services

Academic Support is offered on campus during the following hours – Mon-Thurs 7.30am – 10pm and Fri 7.30am – 6pm (AEST) and students attend campus for recommended 5 hour sessions, 4 - 5 days per week within these hours. Students are also encouraged to request support using the SMART system and academic staff are required to attend to the request within a 10 minute response time.

The Academic support is fostered using a mentoring and guiding methodology to support students throughout their learning. This ensures students are progressing, and are fully supported. The Academic staff are encouraged to form professional relationships with their assigned students to provide successful student outcomes.

Find out more about our team of Academic, Student Support and Career Development staff. They are there to help you succeed in your course.

Why should I study a Diploma of Software Development?

Enjoy tech

Ongoing technology developments have resulted in the demand for software professionals. This means job security. Our evolving reliance on technology means that the demand for software platforms grows.

Working in IT offers you flexibility. You can do your work from almost anywhere (as long as you have a good internet connection.)

Programming is implementing instructions to enable a computer to complete a task. As the internet grows and is used by more people more frequently, computer programming is becoming more widespread. So much so that children are encouraged to learn coding languages in primary school.

The benefits of working in code include good compensation, variety in your role, ability to work in any industry, meeting a range of people and great job satisfaction.

Is software development for you? If you love computers, problem-solving, thinking logically and constantly learning, then studying IT to forge a career as a Software Developer is for you.

The demand for IT professionals at all levels will continue to grow (in fact the number of jobs is larger than the number of IT professionals), meaning IT is a secure industry to become a part of and develop your career.

"You can do your work from almost anywhere."

*Provided you satisfy all other University entry requirements (IELTS etc).

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