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Complete your online IT or Business Diploma in your own country and pathway to the 2nd year of your Degree studying in an Australian University!*

Australia is a great place to study and receiving a Letter of Offer to an Australian University just became easier! Find out more about what you can enjoy when studying your Degree in Australia.

Didasko have helped 35,000+ successfully graduate. 93% of them are employed. Join them today!

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Study in your own country and prepare for success. Get your Letter of Offer from an Australian University using your Foundation Diploma from Didasko Worldwide.

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*Provided you satisfy all other university entry requirements (IELTS etc).
*Subject to government entry requirements.

IT Diplomas

Computer Power Institute

Our IT Diplomas are provided by Computer Power Institute. Operating since 1968 with over 35,000 people just like you have graduated and 93% are now working in IT.

Business Diplomas

Didasko Institute of Business

Our Business Diplomas are provided by Didasko Institute of Business. Our Diplomas are developed in conjunction with key-employers in the business world to ensure they remain current and aligned with industry demands.